Weight, Carel: Albert Bridge


From the First Series of 16 designs of ‘Lithographs by Contemporary Artists’, a stunning ‘Lyons Lithograph’ printed in colours by Chromoworks Ltd, and published by J.Lyons in 1947, newly framed.

Between 1946 and 1955, Lyons commissioned three series of prints, 40 in total, for display in Lyons Teashops, and which offered an overview of post-war Britain as seen by almost all of the period’s most renowned artists.

Artist: Carel Weight, (1908-1997)

Title and date: Albert Bridge, 1947

Size: 72.5 x 97.5 cms.


Artist description:

Born in London, Carel Weight studied at Hammersmith College of Art from 1926-9. He won a scholarship to the Royal College of Art but was unable to afford the fees so attended Goldsmith’s College of Art part-time. In 1932 he began teaching then after enlistment in 1942, he served as an official war artist from 1945-46. He joined the staff at the Royal College of Art in 1947 and 10 years later was appointed Professor of Painting, a post he held until 1973. A maverick figure, Weight’s paintings are characterised by strange landscapes and often exaggerated and distorted forms: “My art is concerned with such things as anger, love, hate, fear and loneliness emphasised by the setting in which the drama is played.”