Vandrey, Lena: Chelsea Bridge


A highly individual reworking in mixed media of a familiar subject, signed, inscribed and framed, a companion to Léna Vandrey’s other work in the Fifties Art collection, Battersea Bridge.

Artist: Léna Vandrey, (1941-2018)

Title and date: Chelsea Bridge, 1960s

Size: 59.5 x 43.0 cms.


Artist description:

Born in Wroclaw, Léna Vandrey was a painter, sculptor, poet and an active member of the feminist movement; her work was, in her own words, ‘intended to imbue women with a sense of their own history’….  She settled in Provence in 1967, having lived since the end of the Second World War in Germany then Paris. She restored an old country house in which she worked, staged her works and collected Provencal religious feminine art.

Her first exhibition was at the Atelier Jacob in Paris in 1974 and showed a variety of portraits of imaginary women. Based on Monique Wittig’s novel Les Guérillères, these portraits revealed a fantastic world strongly related to the myth of the Amazons. Some of Lena Vandrey’s works are exhibited at the Fabuloserie, a museum of art located in Dicy (Burgundy). In 2002, she bought and renovated a villa in Bourg-Saint-Andéol and with her companion, Mina Noubadji-Huttenlocher, installed the Léna-Vandrey Museum.