Stevens, Harry: Steel Works at Irlam


An evocative and powerful watercolour showing a steelworks at night, and reflecting Harry Stevens distinctive style, so closly related to his bold and colourful poster work. The painting is in excellent condition, signed, dated ’50 and presented in its original frame.

On the north bank of the River Irwell in Salford, Greater Manchester, the first steelworks was opened in Irlam in 1910, it became a part of the Lancashire Steel Corporation then the British Steel Corporation finally closing in 1979.

Artist: Harry Stevens, (1919-2008)

Title and date: Steel Works at Irlam, 1950

Size: 36.5 x 53.0 cms.


Artist description:

Recognised more as a poster artist than an accomplished artist in his own right, and with no formal art training, Harry Stevens started his design career in the exhibitions and display trade. He went on to become a prolific freelance commercial artist specialising in poster design. He worked for a wide variety of clients and agencies and in 1963, he won the Council of Industrial Design Poster Award. In 1955 he joined the Society of Industrial Artists and was elected a Fellow ten years later. He was also a member of the Society of Modern Painters. Harry Stevens designed posters for London Transport from 1960-1978.