Puppo Mario: Marshall Plan poster


An Italian competition entry to commission a poster to publicise the Marshall Plan designed to provide economic assistance to help rebuild Western European economies after the end of World War II. The poster shows a female figure looking at a dove in her raised right hand, she is wearing a banner fashioned from European flags and holds a spear in her left hand; wheat is growing at her feet and a factory is visible in the background. Her dress shows a brick pattern as a solid foundation for peace through cooperation, unframed.

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Artist: Puppo, Mario (1905-1977)

Title and date: European Recovery Programme/Marshall Plan poster, 1950

Size: 75.0 x 55.4 cms.

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Artist description:

Mario Puppo, working primarily for the B&G printing house in Genoa, created wonderful travel posters and cultural posters in an animated 1950s style close to Savignac and Leupin in their playfulness. No further biographical information is available, we would be grateful if anybody can provide this.