Fischer, Eva: Boats and Buildings – SOLD


A stunning oil on canvas in excellent condition, signed

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Artist: Eva Fischer, (1920-2015)

Title and date: Boats and Buildings, 1950s

Size: 54 x 73 cms.

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Artist description:

Eva Fischer was a Croatian Italian artist who worked in oils, watercolours, engraving and lithography. Born in Croatia in 1920, Eva graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lyon just before the outbreak of the Second World War. She returned to Beograd in 1941 to witness the Nazi bombardments of her city and from this moment a tormented period of her life started of constant fleeing, deprivation and hard sacrifice.

At the end of the war Eva Fischer chose Rome as her adopted city and became a member of a group of artists on Via Margutta. She became a very close friend with many of them including De Chirico and Picasso  who encouraged her to progress her work combining boats and Southern architecture in a mysterious light. She then moved to Paris creating ‘Roman landscapes’ with their transparencies and remoteness, as if time had somehow stopped on the ruins of the Eternal City. This was followed by a long period in Madrid. In the sixties, Eva Fischer was in London, where she exhibited in the Lefevre Gallery.