Suddaby, Rowland: Great Henny – SOLD


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Title and date: Great Henny, Essex, 1945

Size: 26 x 39.5cm

Description: this framed watercolour heightened with white is immediately identifiable as by Suddaby and is an attractive painting with which to begin or develop a collection of his work.

More images can be provided on request.

Artist Description:
Rowland Suddaby was born in Kimberworth, Yorkshire and studied at the Sheffield College of Art from 1926; his first show was at the Wertheim Gallery in London in 1935. There followed a series of shows from 1936 at the Redfern Gallery. He painted vigorous and atmospheric pictures in oils and watercolours in London and Cornwall in the mid to late 1930s but after the outbreak of war, he and his family Suddaby moved to the Suffolk countryside near Sudbury. The landscape and coastline of East Anglia provided the inspiration for the evocative pictures for which he is best known although he also continued his still life painting which is now highly collectable. In the early 1960s, Suddaby became interested in abstraction using watercolour and gouache, and which are typically unsigned. Suddaby’s work is included in, for example, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Government Art Collection.