Walton, Stuart: Old Exchange Station, Platform 9, Bradford


An atmospheric image of the old Bradford Exchange Station by the much collected Stuart Walton, unframed.

Closed in 1973, the year in which this print was made, the station was associated with some of the last steam-hauled passenger services on British Railways running until late 1967 and hauled by the ubiquitous ‘Black 5’, Fairburn tank and B1 class locomotives. I know…..because I was there!

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Artist: Stuart Walton, born 1933

Title and date: Old Exchange Station, Platform 9, Bradford, 1973

Size: 50.0 x 76.5 cms.


Artist description:

Stuart Walton is a self-taught artist born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and brought up in Middleton, Leeds. A gifted artist at school, he won various children’s art competitions and in 1948, he took a job as a sign writer at the Leeds department store, Lewis’s. After National Service with the RAF between 1952 and 1954, he began painting the fast disappearing industrial and urban environment of Leeds, especially its cobbled streets, terraced houses, yards and alleys. His evocative pencil drawings and oil paintings of Leeds street scenes are now social documents of the 1960s and 1970s.

He showed his first interest in modern art in 1956 and later started painting abstracts based on torn posters. During the 1960s Stuart produced many hard-edged abstract paintings, constructions and reliefs. In 1970, he gave up his job of Assistant Display Manager to paint full time and in 1975, he was appointed the first Yorkshire Television Fine Arts Fellow. He has exhibited widely and his urban-based works are sought after around the world.