Rajecka, Maria: The Farm – SOLD

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An everyday pen and ink ‘glimpsed’ rural scene.

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Artist: Maria Rajecka (Polish), 1930-2013, signed with initials.

Title and date: The Farm, 1964

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Artist description:

Also signed as Maria Witkowska, Maria Rajecka was born in 1930 in Zaskocz, Poland and in 1939, her family were driven from their farm under the threat of death. In 1944, at 14, she and her younger brother took part in the unsuccessful Warsaw uprising against the Nazis and she and other members of her family were taken to concentration camps in Germany. Maria was sent to Belsen; she was moved to Molsdorf to await extermination in Blankenheim Camp but was liberated by the Americans in 1945. She attended a Polish high school in Germany where she studied art, then came to England in 1946. In 1976, she and her husband moved to Brighton. She was a talented and versatile artist who excelled in drawing, painting and printmaking; she designed stained glass, worked with ceramics and was involved with film-making. She retired in 1997.