Jobs, Lisbet: ‘Duvor’ (Doves) Fabric Panel



Artist: Lisbet Jobs, (Swedish 1909-1961)

Title and date: Duvor (Doves), 1950

Image size: 90.2 x 73.7 cm

Description: this delightful and substantial panel of hand-printed linen fabric on board was manufactured by Jobs Handtryck. The fabric was designed to be displayed as a panel and is framed.

This mid-1900s design harks back to royal Swedish taste around 1800. The subdued pastel color palette is typical of the reigns of two Swedish kings named Gustav in the late 1700s. The flower vase is evocative of ceramics produced by the Gustavsberg Porcelain Company in the 1800s and popular among Sweden’s aristocracy.

The manufacturers Jobs Handtryck was established by Peer Jobs (1913-1989) in 1944. This Dalarna-based textile press specialised in manufacturing designs produced by Peer’s sisters Lisbet Jobs and Ingrid “Gocken” Jobs (1914-1995). The press also collaborated with Leksand’s Handicrafts Association (Leksands Hemsljödsforening). As of 2019, the press operated out of Västanvik, Sweden.

The fabric panel is in excellent condition with fresh colours, a second and identical version is available with slightly more muted colours at £500.

More images can be provided on request.

Artist description:

A Swedish potter and textile artist, Lisbet Jobs studied at the Technical School in Stockholm from 1925-1930. With her sister, she opened her own ceramics workshop in Stockholm in 1931, a partnership so close that their work can be difficult to distinguish. Participation in the World Exhibitions in Paris in 1937 and New York in 1939 established their reputations. Lisbet Jobs ceramics are currently represented in, among others, the National Museum in the Stockholm and Röhsska museum in Gothenburg.

During the war, the availability of glaze was limited and ceramic work became more sporadic. At the initiative of Astrid Sampe, the Head of the NK Textile Factory, the sisters began to transfer their motifs from ceramics to fabrics. Lisbet Jobs became famous for her colourful textiles applying floral, nature and children’s motifs, including the designs Aurora, Summer Children, Play, And These Roses for You, the Flower and the design offered here, Pigeons (Duvor). A selection of her artistic patrons has been in the National Museum archive since 2009.