Buschman, Artur: The Girls


An original lithograph in perfect condition, unframed but mounted and ready for framing. A hugely characterful image, who are the girls? The style is typical of German ‘Expressionism’ and is a proof copy of the Woensampresse, a community of graphic designers and artists founded in Cologne in 1934. None of these proof copies was signed but all are rare.More images can be provided on request.

Artist: Artur Buschman, (1895-1971)

Title and date: The Girls, 1960s

Size: 32.0 x21.0 cms.

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Artist description:

A German artist, Artur Buschman was born in Wesel in North Rhine-Westphalia, he was a talented childhood painter and became an apprentice at a printing company. He was seriously wounded by poison gas during the First World War and when released he became a technical draftsman. He acquired a reputation as an artist and around 1930 he became freelance. From 1940 he lived and worked with his family in Vienna for but in 1943, he was called up and became a guard at a prisoner of war cam. During the final phase of the war, his studio in Wesel was destroyed. From the 1950s, he continued to receive a large number of commissions from public authorities continuing to work in Wesel where he was involved in various artistic and cultural associations.

As an artist he has been characterised as an ‘expressive realist’ usually working with real subjects as in this characterful print..