Breilmann, Heino: Vor der Ausfahrt (‘Before the Exit’)


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Artist: Heino Breilmann, 1921-2001

Title and date: Vor der Ausfahrt (‘Before the Exit’), 1950s

Size of picture: 40 x 57 cm.

Description: a reproduction print in vivid colours bought in 1961

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Artist description:

Born in Sterkrade in Bochum on 7 February 1921 Breilmann was a master student of Eberhard Schlotter, the last still living representatives of classical modernism. In 1951 an encounter with Picasso led to a brief collaboration. After 1963, he participated in numerous exhibitions, including in Paris and New York. Breilmann received several commissions from the public sector including the Rathaus window at Hildesheim in 1954.