Bicker-Riepe, Hinrikus: In the Storm – SOLD


An original woodcut, unframed but mounted and ready for framing. A wonderful image in the style of German ‘Expressionism’, this is a proof copy of the Woensampresse, a community of graphic designers and artists founded in Cologne in 1934. None of these proof copies was signed but all are rare and in perfect condition .More images can be provided on request.

Artist: Hinrikus Bicker-Riepe, (1925-1997)

Title and date: In the Storm, 1960s

Size: 30.0 x 23.5 cms.

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Artist description:

A German artist, Hinrikus Bicker-Riepe was born in Riepe in Lower Saxony, he was apprenticed as a decorative painter and graduated in Wilhelmshaven in 1943. From 1945, he worked as a freelance artist and draftsman producing hundreds of wood and linocuts, oil paintings, wood and clay sculptures and murals.

His woodcut art is known nationwide and found early international recognition with exhibitions in widely varying locations including Copenhagen, Curacao, Groningen, Ibiza, Monte Carlo, New York, Philadelphia, Stuttgart and Valparaiso.